We develop stylish, high performing websites that engage your audience and make you stand out from your competitors. Our web development team know WordPress. That is why we are confident in offering the best quality WordPress development services to your business. We also code HTML 5 compliant websites for your convenience.


Images, texts, videos, links are easily and readily accessible across all different platforms for smartphones and tablets. We design responsive websites that are ideal for mobile devices so your customers can easily browse while on the move.

Web Design

Having a strong website design creates a digital tool that supports users in accomplishing their goals when searching. Responsive Websites really are on the cutting edge of website design. Before this, websites were made to fit on just one size.

System coding

Our developers can style your code to fit your specific needs for a project. We specialise is robust code to create a solid foundation. Our developers specialise in the latest coding techniques and can create a user friendly website. The most common coding we use is JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (DM) is promoting your products, services online. Naming your Business relative to search terms is becoming a common practise according to expert Chris Reid. Digital marketing uses online channels and online tools such as facebook, which is social media, as well as email marketing. Most people start with Google or other search engine and then browse, read, research and connect, so you need to make sure potential visitors find your information.

Digital Marketing strategy

Experts advise that Digital marketing strategy (DMS) is the process of planning, implementing and evaluating your vision for your website.

Planning a Digital Marketing strategy

When starting out you need to decide the most effective route to market your service or product, you decide on your goals, how to achieve them and how to promote your brand online. At Cenlocal Digital we carefully plan all this for you based on proven structures. We plan out a suitable action to take in your industry. We endeavour to create a strong online presence on your behalf, this helps build a continual growth strategy. We start with the following plan:

  • Analysis
  • Audience
  • Objectives
  • Channels
  • Action plan
  • Budget
  • Measure and tweaking


We analyse the market place with respects to your vision and how to go about implementing your products or services.


We use online tools to get an understanding of demographics, such as age, or male or female. This helps us to get a better understanding of who your potential customer base will be. Language is important when deciding who to market to.


Creating a more detailed approach is important. We track and manage your campaigns based on a time frame, and set small goals to reach an overall main goal for your website.


This means using different channels to reach your perspective audience. We develop keywords for your business, we use search engine marketing techniques. We use paid per clicks advertisements, we also carry out online display marketing as a visual tool. Social networking and social media. Email marketing is good to enhance the business.

Action Plan

How to implement the strategies, who, what, when and where, and how much. Creative new ideas are important and can be implemented into the plan. Get all the elements and work out the costing for the project.


Establish quotes and get cost analysis information then decide on the budget. Budgets can fluctuate during the campaign but it is always to have an estimate to get started properly.

Measurement and tweaking

How do you know your DMS is working, at Cenlocal we use online tools to measure your website’s performance. We are able to then tweak different variables and add more features according to the results. We research demographics of existing clients and use this information to better use strategic measures.


Our Mission
Cenlocal Digital aims to provide clients with a highly personalised service, which includes up to date and well researched advice on web site architecture. We strive to be our best with our delivery and we research modern technologies. Cenlocal Digital wishes to build long lasting relationships with clients now and into the future.
We are experts in the online industry and will help to deliver organic search engine results for your website.